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Obesity Surgery in Turkey

The Package Price Includes

  • The laparoscopic tube stomach operation 
  • Multilingual speaking staff and provision of 
  • Interpreting services 
  • Medical appointments 
  • Facilitating admission, discharge and follow-up processes
  • Airport transfer
  • Travel and accommodation arrangements 
  • Other services available on request 
  • Medical treatment preparation
  • German speaking patient care 
  • Overnight stays in the hospital including meals
  • Price includes hotel

Treatments and Medical Services


The opinion of the second doctor is an application made with the intention to consult another doctor about your illness. If you download all the results of your analysis and examination of your illness on the second page of the medical opinion on our website, a definite second opinion will definitely be given by the responsible doctor.


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Surgical Medical Center

The Metabolic Surgery team is dedicated to the safe treatment of our patients

Competence and Experience

Modern and highly effective technology for plastic surgery and cosmetic treatments

Experienced Health and Support Team

Top specialists and surgeons only for guaranteed success and maximum result

Natural Hair Transplantation

You will feel better!

Hair Transplantation In Turkey

The Package Price Includes

  • Transfers airport / hotel / clinic.
  • Surgical intervention with the FUE (method of hair transplantation) up to 5,000 follicles.
  • PRP treatment (platelet rich plasma) 
  • German, English interpreters throughout the duration of the process. ,
  • Analgesics, anti-inflammatories, antibiotics. 
  • Shampoo and special lotions. 
  • Head wash at the clinic 48 hours after surgery. 
  • Contract certificate for contractually agreed services and cancellation policy. 
  • Lifetime Guarantee with engagement certificate.

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📌 Die Veränderung von unserem Patienten 50 Tage nach der Magenverkleinerungs Operation

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